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When Collecting Autographed Music Memorabilia, Like Albums, it is Best You Do Your Homework Before Diving Right in the Deep End

Posted by G Simmons on

In our last post, we were in the middle of discussing some of the more valuable music albums. For example, we talked about the collectiblity of the Beatles and Sex Pistols as well as Iron Maiden. When collecting autographed music memorabilia, like albums, it is best you do your homework before diving right in the deep end. If you do, here are some examples of what you will discover.

Anything signed by the late John Lennon is in demand and the price will reflect that fact. However, Jimi Hendrix is like Picasso, meaning his autograph could be worth a small fortune. A signed sheet of paper with eight lines of lyrics will easily fetch tens-of -thousands of dollars.

As with any type of collecting, provenance and fame can be everything, or nothing at all. For example, an autographed Who ticket from 1965 will set you back several thousand dollars, while a signed concert ticket from 1995 may only demand several hundred dollars.

Now, one thing you need to keep in mind is the progression of popularity. That is, a local band today could be the smash success of tomorrow. Indeed there are those who have collected band autographs from up and coming names. Not that there is any secret to discovering who will break it big, it is, after all, pretty much just a guess. But the beauty of collecting lesser-known band autographs is the ease of access. It is far easier to obtain an autograph from the lead singer of Immortal Dominion than it is to get something signed by Paul McCartney.

But most important, always remember that autograph collecting is a fun hobby.