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We Collect Celebrity Memorabilia Because it Just Makes Sense

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Often, we collect celebrity memorabilia because it just makes sense. That is, it makes sense to want to own a guitar signed by Eric Clapton or a movie poster signed by Robert De Niro. And these autographed items are often signed by the celebrity because they know that’s what people want, what they desire. In fact, sometimes celebrities set up stations in which you can stand in line and get an autograph, for a price of course. But there are a few celebrities who took this whole notion of making money for their signatures to a whole new level.

Salvador Dali loved money almost as much as he loved painting. Some may even say he loved money more than painting. You see, there is a rumour that Dali used to doodle sketches on checks he wrote in order to keep people from cashing them. We hope this to be true as it is such a brilliant scheme.

When your name is Pablo Picasso, you better believe your signature will get more than just a few bucks. Restaurant owners would tear up Picasso’s bill for a simple signature on a napkin. This worked at first, until Picasso realized his autograph was worth more than a hamburger and fries. Sitting in a bistro, Picasso supposedly spent an hour doodling on a tablecloth, only to tear it up when he was done.

While Neil Armstrong is now a household name, that wasn't always the case. Before their moon expedition, the crew spent a month locked in isolation. With plenty of time to kill, they all signed hundreds of autographs on anything they could lay their hands on. On the day of their mission, they dropped them all into the mail to friend who, should the astronauts perish on their journey, would sell the items so the families would make money. Simply brilliant.

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