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Not All Celebrities Bask in the Glory of Signing Their Name on a Piece of Paper or Piece of Memorabilia

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While many a celebrity bask in the glory of signing their name on a piece of paper or piece of memorabilia for their beloved fans, some oppose the whole concept of signing autographs. So if you have your heart set on obtaining an autograph from the celebrities below, you might want to arrive at the fact it just may never happen. Here is a short list of celebrities who oppose autographs.

Back in 2008, former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr released a video on YouTube stating that due to the fact he is too busy, he wouldn’t be singing any more autographs. He warned fans that he was no longer interested in receiving fan mail, especially those who desire an autograph.

Actress Cameron Diaz makes it quite clear she doesn’t like to sign autographs. In a 2005 interview she stated that if she stops to sign even one autograph, a crowd would form with everybody wanting one. In fact, Autograph Collector Magazine names her as one of the worst singers every year.

While Jack Nicholson will occasionally sign an autograph or two on the red carpet, he is much more reluctant to do so when out in public. So if you happen to spot him at a Laker’s game, don’t get your hopes up.

Star of The Office Steve Carell also has a reputation for turning down autograph seekers. He is known for traveling with an entourage who are experts at deflecting would-be autograph hounds.

Stay tuned and we will give you even more celebrities who are reluctant to give autographs.