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More Ways You Can Discover if a Celebrity Autograph is Real or Fake

Posted by D Dixon on

In our last post we were in the midst of discussing ways you can discover if a celebrity autograph is real or fake. This was brought about because popular shows like The Walking Dead have many, many fans yearning for autographs from the series’ stars. When demand for a star’s autograph is high, the forgeries are sure to become an issue. Your best bet is to buy your autographs from a trusted source, but there are ways you can discover if a signature might be fake.

If the signature is in ink, a magnifying glass will expose ruts and bridges produced by the pen. The lack of these ruts and bridges means there is the chance that the signature is merely a facsimile. Now, an auto pen will produce these same ruts and bridges, but there is a way to tell if an auto pen was used. When you sign your name, the pen is moving before it even hits the paper, you also likely use one continuous movement when signing. An auto pen works quite different from a real signature. The auto pen comes down on the paper, writes the name, stops, and is lifted off the paper. This process leaves two tell-tale signs, a dot at the beginning of the signature, and a dot at the end of the signature, something you will not see in a real autograph.

Lastly, hold the signature in question up to a powerful light. If the pen marks are equal all across the signature, then it is likely a fake. The lines on a real autograph will be inconsistent with some dark areas and some light areas due to varying pressure when signing.

It is better to be educated than to suffer being ripped off.