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Indications Your Signed Celebrity Memorabilia is Forged

Posted by R Grimes on

It has been widely reported that signed photos of the cast of the hit series The Walking Dead tops the list of forged autographs. That is, if you are in the market for a signed photo from Andrew Lincoln or Norman Reedus, you had better make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. And as The Walking Dead continues to be one of the hottest shows on television, this trend of forged autographs will likely continue. If you find yourself at a store that sells signed celebrity memorabilia, here are a few tips to help determine if that signature is real.

One way to compare a signature is by turning it upside down. When you do this, it tricks the mind into looking for objective tell-tale signs of any differences that might never be noticed otherwise.

Often, fake autographs are mechanically reproduced. Run your finger gently over the signature, pay close attention to the outline. If it feels flat, then it is likely a facsimile and therefore fake.

Take out your handy magnifying glass and scour the signature for other visual clues that indicate a fake. A stamped-on signature is applied all at once, squeezing the ink from the middle of the lines to the edges. Therefore, a stamped signature will have more ink on the edges of the line than in the middle.

These are just a few ways you can help determine if a signature is real or fake. For more tips on discovering fake autographs, check back to this website.