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Collecting These Types of Celebrity Autographs Requires Extra Attention and Scrutiny

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Collectors love their celebrity autographs and will spend precious time seeking out items to add to their collection, as do you. But if you discover an autographed Elvis Presley photo at the local flea market for 50 bucks, more than likely it is probably fake. This is one very good reason you should stick to a reputable source when purchasing autographed materials. Here is a list of the most forged celebrity autographs, and the most dangerous autographs to buy.

More than 35 years after his death, Elvis Presley is as loved and iconic as ever. Due to his untimely death at a young age, there are few Elvis signatures available on the market, driving prices to all-time highs. Fake Elvis signatures are a global issue, with many coming from Europe.

An autograph from any member of the Beatles is certainly highly desirable, but a single item with all four signatures is the crown jewel of autograph collecting. Unfortunately, signatures from all members of the Fab Four are targets of forgery.

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, was a reluctant signer, making his signature extremely rare. In addition, there is significant historical importance to his signature, making his autograph often a victim of forgery.

Few actresses carried a mystique in the same manner as Marilyn Monroe. Because of her early demise, her autograph is rare and demands a premium price, all the ingredients necessary for people to forge her signature. So buyer best beware.

Collecting these types of autographs requires extra attention and scrutiny. Remember to always buy your autographed materials from a reputable source.