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Collecting Autographed Music Memorabilia Just Might Make You a Wealthy Person Down the Road

Posted by M Bolan on

Downloading music and storing it on a cloud is the current and future trend, but collecting autographed albums is still a treasured pastime. If you were a shrewd album collector in the 1970s, an autographed Sex Pistols record of God Save The Queen is worth much more than its weight in gold. Even bands with broad-based fans, like the Rolling Stones, autographed albums were and are a worthy investment. That is, the value of an autographed album is often determined by demand as well as rarity. Collecting autographed music memorabilia just might make you a wealthy person down the road. Here is a short list of some very valuable albums, made even more valuable if they have been autographed.

An album doesn’t have to be old to be collectable. For example, in the late 1990s, CDs were at the peak of popularity, and albums were being pressed at record lows. This means that even less well-known bands have albums worth a fair amount of money. If you are planning on buying autographed albums as an investment, best you do a little research. For example, early 1960s rock may be experiencing a lull in prices, but most any nineties vinyl is going through the roof.

What list of collectable music would be complete without a mention of the Beatles? Certainly, most any first-press Beatles album will bring a premium price, but rare copies of, say, Please Please Me will demand a higher price. And an autographed copy of Please Please Me will certainly go through the roof.

Like in any type of collecting, small releases are also in demand. A copy of Iron Maiden’s Twilight Zone may bring you a premium price, but only if your copy is the brown vinyl, which is very difficult to find due to its rarity.

Check back and we will list even more albums that demand a premium price. In the meantime, browse our selection of autographed albums, you might discover something special indeed.